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Hair Removal and Eyelashes

At Real we offer a wide range of waxing treatments as well as eyebrow and eyelash grooming.



For the best results, 2-3 weeks hair growth is ideal. Waxing is a semi-permanent treatment that removes the hair from the root and can leave you hair free for up to 3 weeks.


Leg waxing 

Full leg – £27
Half leg – £20

Arm waxing


Full arm – £26

Three quarter arm £23
Half arm – £19

Facial waxing

Lip Wax - £11

Chin Wax - £11

Lip and Chin wax - £18

Lip, Chin and Brow - £28

Bikini waxing 

Classic bikini line – £16
Extended bikini line – £20
Hollywood wax – £32
Brazilian wax – £28

Chest and back waxing 

Chest - £28

Back - £28

Eyelashes And Eyebrows:


Tinting darkens the natural colour of your lashes or eyebrows. For fairer lashes, this treatment darkens right from the root to the tip, something mascara cannot easily achieve. The treatment does not lengthen or thicken your lashes however.

Eyelash tint* – £17

Eyebrow tint* – £10

Eyebrow waxing

Re-shape - £12
Tidy - £10

Eyebrow tint and tidy - £19

Brow/Lip/Chin - £27

Why not go for all three? The eye package includes an eyebrow tint and tidy and an eyelash tint.

Eye package* – £30

Lash Lift

LVL Nouveau lashes make the most of what nature gave you, adding Length, Volume and Lift to your natural lashes giving a longer, thicker appearance.

LVL eyelashes* – £50

Emporium Eyelashes

Emporium Eyelashes are a simple, effective way to get longer, fuller eyelashes. Synthetic eyelashes are attached to your existing lashes and can last up to 6 weeks. We recommend regular infills every 2-3 weeks to groom lose lashes and fill in any gaps that occur from natural shedding. This will keep your eyelashes looking thick and beautiful for as long as you like!

Eyelashes – £72 (this includes your first infill)
Infills – £22-£32 (Time dependent)

Russian Pre Fanned Lashes

We are delighted to introduce the most advanced and ‘in style’ eyelash extensions on the market! We use a product from" Tatti Lashes" who promise that their lash fans are symmetrical & perfectly spaced. 

Eyelashes £74

Infills £25-£35 ( price dependent on time 30-60 mins)

(When booking online please be aware that you will pay a slightly increased charge to cover a nonrefundable deposit.) 

*A patch test is required 48 hours prior to any lashes treatment or eyelash/eyebrow tint if it is your first time having this at The Real Salon.

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