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Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet take the wear and tear of life. These treatments truly put the spring back in your step and the life back in to your hands.


Gelish varnish paints on just like a traditional nail varnish. UV light finishes and hardens the polish, achieving a glossy shine that does not fade. This long lasting cover stays beautiful for 2-3 weeks and is chip-resistant providing that your nails are in a good condition. The paint is easily removed with our soak-off treatment which takes 15 minutes and is free if you have your gel applied by us come in to have your Gelish re-applied.

Gelish Fingers


Gelish Toes


Gelish Fingers and Toes



Gelish soak off and new set
Gelish soak off and maintenance


Gelish soak off



Biosculpture Gel is a one step system that strengthens and promotes growth of the natural nail. This can last up to 3 weeks and soaks off easily without damaging the natural nail. Biosculpture gel cares for the health of the natural nail underneath the varnish. Nails can be repaired using the silk-repair technology too while protecting the natural nail. We stock a range of biosculpture colours to choose from!

Biosculpture Fingers


Biosculpture Toes


Biosculpture Fingers and Toes



Biosculpture soak off and new set
Biosculpture soak off and mini manicure



It is a gel-like nail polish, which is applied as an overlay on to your natural nails. It works very similarly to a normal gel polish, but as it has a thicker consistency it dries as a strong and durable layer - so you don't have to worry about chipping your brand new nails!


Biab fingers                                             £35

Biab toes                                                  £35


Biab fingers and toes                             £65


Biab soak off and new set                     £35


Biab soak off and mini manicure          £34


Come and treat your hands or feet to a revitalising, refreshing treatment. They will be massaged, exfoliated, and moisturised using tropic products appropriate for your needs. We will file and shape your nails and achieve the perfect finish with a nail paint of your choice.

60 mins £38

Change your polish for a Gelish varnish:

90 mins £50

CLASSIC PEDICURE If you are short on time but fancy a pamper.

45 mins £28


All the finished beauty of a luxury treatment, in far less time. We will file, shape and polish with a colour of your choice.


30 mins £22

(When booking online please be aware that you will pay a slightly increased charge to cover a nonrefundable deposit.) 

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